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Snímače vlhkosti / vlhkosti a teploty (kapacitní) pro klimatizaci (90.7021)


For measuring relative humidity, temperature, and fresh air quality

  • Available in indoor, wall-mounted, channel, and rod versions
  • For applications in facility management as well as in areas of climate and ventilation monitoring
  • LCD display available as an option
  • Available with current, voltage, or Modbus output as well as passive resistance output for temperature


  • Facility management
  • Climate and ventilation control
  • Residential and office rooms
  • Public buildings
  • Storage rooms and cold-storage rooms
  • Glasshouses/greenhouses
  • Production halls
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Agricultural sector and stables
  • Meteorology
  • OEM applications


These capacitive humidity measuring probes have been designed for the most common applications in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation technology. They particularly distinguish themselves through their high measuring accuracy, excellent long-term stability, and good chemical resistance. Modern case designs enable low installation costs and offer the greatest possible protection against pollutants and condensation. These factors, in turn, contribute towards smooth and trouble-free continuous operation.
The CO2 measuring probes use proven infrared technology for measuring the carbon dioxide concentration. The NDIR procedure has a patented auto calibration function, eliminates aging effects, and as a result allows accurate measurement of the CO2 values with long-term stability.

Different combination options between the measurands carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity (RH), and temperature (T) in visually appealing and easy-to-install cases once again set new standards in heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation technology, as well as in many other areas in which corresponding measurement technology is used. This type series enables a broad spectrum of uses in indoor, wall-mounted, duct, and rod versions.

Standardized current or voltage signals are available as outputs. For some devices passive resistance outputs as well as a digital output are also available as an output option. Measuring probes in indoor and wall-mounted versions can be equipped with a digital display.

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