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JUMO mTRON T – Digital Input or Output Module 12-Channel (705030)


  • 12 digital inputs or outputs
  • Channels can be configured individually as DC 0/24 V digital input or DC 0/24 V / max. 500 mA digital output
  • External voltage supply for digital inputs or outputs via terminal on front
  • Automatic configuration after module insert replacement (Plug and Play)
  • Connection of inputs on the front
  • Removable terminal strips with PUSH IN technology
  • Quick wiring of operating voltage and system bus provided by simple module connection principle

JUMO mTRON T system overview


The module is equipped with 12 channels which can be configured either as digital inputs or digital outputs. The digitized input states are available in the system for further processing. The digital outputs are controlled via the system bus by digital signals (assignment via the connection list or directly by the PLC). The load current of up to 6 A (12 × max. 500 mA) is to be supplied through the front terminals 24 V/GND. LEDs are used to indicate the voltage supply, the module operating statuses, and the statuses of the digital inputs and outputs. A setup program can be used to conveniently configure the digital input or output module. For service purposes the module insert can be easily pulled out of the case at the front. The case, including the bus board, remains installed on the DIN rail.

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